What We Do

(PCSI) provides service in greater area of Toronto which includes:

Registered Nurses

Well experienced Registered Nurses with extensive knowledge of nursing practice flexible schedule and variety of different work areas.


Registered Practical Nurses

With advanced knowledge and skills provide best care under the standard of nursing practice.


Personal Support Workers within GTA Hospitals & Home Care

Works under close supervision of licensed staff. Provide variety of care such as activity of daily livings to the clients, assist staff on the units with variet of acute care hospitals and home care in the community.


Medical Care

The level of health among the population is a significant factor predetermining the development of the entire nation. That is why we are providing best medical care services to our customer all over the Toronto.


Surgical Care

Over the past several decades, emphasis on patient-centered care, the dramatic growth of refractive surgery, and increasing competition in the eye care marketplace have made patient expectations increasingly important in the field of ophthalmology. That's why we provide surgical care and tool overall staffing.


palliative Care

Your beloved older family members approaching the end of life with complex, chronic conditions has resulted in the need for robust palliative care, for that we are here, happy to serve you..